Thursday, April 14, 2011


Finally, the end of term has come! Wahooooooooo!!! I was sooo exhausted this week - taught a couple of really crap lessons as a result of not thinking hard enough when planning and also not really planning enough. I had at least one of those moments when I was all, "This'll do,"...and then twenty minutes into the lesson I noticed that my students eyes were rather glazed over and then I had to tell one of them to lift their head up, and some were having a convo about the weekend, and others were scrawling stuff in their diaries that was completely unrelated to English... Never mind - it won't kill their education (I hope). And it's reminded me, yet again, that IT'S ALL IN THE PLANNING.

What a term, eh. I began the year in a rather different environment, having started at a new school...all was going swimmingly then BANG massive earthquake hits and chaotic life ensues. And then school begins again, but with a significantly different structure. And the next thing I know it's week 11 (stupid, stupid, stupid Rugby World Cup) and I'm barely able to drag myself out of bed in the morning because I'm so bloody tired. In some ways, it felt like two terms and was two terms. Non-identical twi-terms. I shall name them Before and After. Before was a honeymoon; After was hard slog, although definitely satisfying in some ways.

Anyway, the holidays are here :-D which should give me just enough time to relax and then begin planning again for the next 11 week term...

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